About Us

The CRHG –

Celebrating, Preserving & Presenting the Amazing Technology Legacy of the Collins Radio Company and Rockwell Collins

  • The CRHG is a cooperative alliance of the Collins Collectors Association and the Antique Wireless Association formed officially in the spring of 2014

–The Antique Wireless Association (AWA) – A Tax Exempt 501(c)3 corporation chartered in the State of New York, is dedicated to preserve and share the history of the technologies used to communicate and entertain – from the first telegram to today’s wireless text messaging.

–The Collins Collectors Association (CCA) – A tax exempt corporation of the State of Texas, was formed to serve the general collector population for Collins Radio equipment and to additionally, and more generally, support the preservation and presentation of the anecdotal and factual history of the Collins Radio Company, the Rockwell Collins Corporation, its employees, technology and products.

        The CCA is currently not a 501(c)3

  • The CRHG is dedicated to fostering preservation, archiving and the enhanced presentation of the history and the technologies of the Collins Radio Company and the Rockwell Collins Corporation. This will be done through:
  • Display Sharing
  • Supporting the public display or presentation of the history and technology of Collins and its employees
  • Providing guidance for “safe harbor” for display material when required
  • Further, the alliance seeks to work together to assist families, heirs, or possible donors in the preparation of estate planning, or the disposal or donation posthumously, regarding material that relates to the history of Collins or Rockwell Collins.

Collins Radio Heritage Group