Documentary Project

Arthur A. Collins Documentary Project

Preserving the anecdotal history of the Collins Radio Company’s contributors from the past – A Video Archiving Project

This project seeks to produce a professional short documentary in high definition video of the legacy of Arthur A. Collins and The Collins Radio Company.  The Arthur A. Collins Legacy Project is not for the aggrandizement of Arthur Collins, but rather a tribute to the creativity and very hard work of many people in Collins Radio Company responding to his leadership.  This is a wonderful story of American achievement in business and technology that is sorely needed in today’s world.  There is a story here that should generate pride and patriotism in all who view it and serve to motivate the youth of our country.

The project will document many Collins innovations and their subsequent technological and historical impacts.  The goal is to give the viewer an understanding of the contribution of Arthur Collins and other key employees of the Collins Radio Company in shaping the future of radio technology.  An emphasis on the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) aspects of the Collins story will be highlighted in order to engage students effectively.

The short video will be completed first with the following objectives:

    • Advance the ongoing dialogue on how best to honor the legacy of Arthur A. Collins including the vision for a permanent charitable facility that will serve the community in honor of Arthur A. Collins
    • Serve as a short version of a larger project
    • Capture and present a visual collective memory on the Collins legacy from remaining people who knew him well
    • Present and interpret various pieces of equipment representative of Collins’ innovations and excellence
    • Facilitate fundraising for a full length version of the documentary

The documentary will be produced by the Antique Wireless Association as a cooperative effort with the Collins Radio Heritage Group (CRHG).

The Project Principals are:

    • Executive Producer: Robert Hobday, Deputy Director, Antique Wireless Association
    • Writer/Director: Tom Ackerman, ASC, lifelong friend of Michael Collins – son of Arthur A. Collins
    • Producer: Lawrence Robinson, Board Member AACLA
    • Associate Producer: Rod Blocksome, President AACLA
    • Associate Producer: Michael Collins, son of Arthur A. Collins and Board Member AACLA
    • Associate Producer: Jim Shanklin, Collins Radio/Rockwell Collins retiree

Your help is needed to fund this important project that strives to increase technology awareness and involve the youth of the United States in STEM oriented education. Donations in support of the Arthur A. Collins Documentary Project may be sent to the Antique Wireless Association, c/o Robert Hobday, P. O. Box 421, Bloomfield, NY 14469. Checks should be Memo Marked  for the  “Collins Documentary Project”.  You will be sent an acknowledgement of thanks that includes your Federal Tax Deduction paperwork.

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